If you haven't seen the television show "Gilmore Girls" you are missing on out on some fast talking, diner food eating, book reading goodness. This blog is about celebrating the book reading aspect, but you might also find additional references to "Gilmore Girls" or reading in general throughout. Some awesome soul compiled a list of 349 books read or featured on "Gilmore Girls", and this blog is my attempt to read all of them in two years. Join me for the good, the bad, the oh-my-gosh-i-don't-wanna-read-that, and more. For every book I complete, I will be donating books to children.

The Challenge

I don't know who decided to catalog the books seen, mentioned, or featured on "Gilmore Girls", but wow does it make me happy! Lists vary, from just about 300 books to the 349 book list I'll be following.

My challenge is to read all 349 books in two years—that's just about 14.5 books a month in whatever amount of time it takes. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Seriously, two years? What was I thinking???

Whether I am able to meet the challenge or not, for every book I read, I will donate books to charity. You can help by using button on the right side of the page to help me buy books for charity.

In the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge World, there is some debate about whether the books should be read in any particular order. I say they should be read in the order that fits the reader's mood. I think this clip, especially the part with Rory packing her bag and discussing why she is packing certain books, supports my idea.

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