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Thursday, May 7, 2015

My favorite memoirs

When it comes to reading, 
memoirs are among my favorite of all genres. 
I absolutely love them. 

Of the ones above, I can't choose a single favorite, although I do most identify with Joan Didion and Abigail Thomas in part because we are living in the same time, although they are both quite a bit older. I also identify with Temple Grandin as, although I don't have autism, I do often think visually. It's automatic and from talking to others, apparently it isn't normal...? Elie Wiesel ~ how does one become so eloquent in the face of such experiences? Anne Frank ~ her sweetness, compassion, love for others mixed with her normal, everyday girlness are wonderful despite what ultimately happened to her. And, as for Julia Child and Alex Prod'homme, well, I love to cook and I would love to try life in another country. My Life in France is just plain interesting and at times fun.

Check out my other favorites:

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